Carpet Cleaning

WOOHOO! We are upgrading the Rotovac to a NEW 4 head machine!! The cleaning is the deepest clean ever!! Check it out here.  It gets it drier than the “wand” type cleaning many companies use.We use the wand on edges & a different tool for bad soil filtration issues. The wand is only as good as the tech using it. The Rotovac adds the agitation you need to get all the dirt out. With variable speed control it makes sure it’s works on all kinds of carpet textures & thicknesses.

We are IICRC certified carpet cleaners for Portland, Oregon. We clean all carpets, whether they are in a house, office, boat, RV or other vehicle. We clean furniture upholstery as well.

We use a Rotovac or Rotary Jet Extraction with a truck mount, whichever is needed. These both are “State of the art” for the deepest cleaning possible and recommended by  carpet manufacturers. The Rotovac & RX20 both spin at high speed & injects the water solution & suction removes it in one pass. This is as close to a washing machine for your carpet as you can get!

Tip: There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet, and they excrete as much as half a pint of moisture each day. Good reason to clean your carpets!

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Call us to find out which cleaning techniques WILL actually void your new carpet warranty.

We use a Hydrosensor Moisture Meter 
This Identifies problem areas (urine & other moisture) without carpet removal. A probe easily penetrates most permeable surfaces. We probe below the carpet into the pad & touch the floor underneath to find out how deep the damage goes. Variable sound output indicates the level of moisture present. Easily locates water damage due to broken pipes or flooding and urine deposits in dry carpet.

Far better than just a black light that shows surface stains, fresh or old. Even cleansers will show up with this old way.
The electronic meter is really the best way to tell where the damage is.

We also offer Teflon Protectant on your carpets & some furniture. Water & pet damage are charged per job. We can help with insurance covered problems.

** Did you know that portable rental machines & home carpet cleaning machines are under powered & leave residue that will actually attract more dirt? Let us take care of you! We service from Hillsboro to Portland and much outlying areas! Call & see if we go to where you are!!

Tip: If you live in a two story house, keep a second vacuum cleaner upstairs; who likes to lug those things

up & down stairs? Having 2 makes it easier to whip off some vacuuming when the mood strikes.