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Do you have a “Honey-Do” list that your Honey can’t or won’t do?
What if YOU are the Honey that can’t? No shame in it – just call the guy who can!!

Call Tim – the tool man! Your Handyman & Flooring Guy

503-349-4734 cell // 503-640-6311 ofc

WE DO : Repairs in the home of various kinds from patching holes to fixing fences & sheds
Small tree & bush trimming &Yard debris removal & hauling bark
Carpet & Vinyl work- cleaning, stretching, repairs, installation

We have a small tractor with a scoop & blade.

We can move – dig – smooth all kinds of stuff in your yard.

Just send a pic of the problem & we can let you know if we can do it & how much it’ll cost!

Don’t be shy – give us the whole list, little or big & we will tell you all we CAN DO!!

Send pics of what needs to be done & we can quote over the phone.

We are a Specialty Contractor Company (some things need a license we may not have) –

We only will do what we CAN DO & DO WELL!

Licensed / Bonded / CCB#161629   /   Tell me what you need done! 503-349-4734 or 503-640-6411

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Important info on hiring guys like me – From Oregon CCB newsletter –

– Handyman exemption – Is there a “handyman” who is exempt from CCB licensing?

Yes, however:
• The total value of the “contract” or agreement with the property owner must be less than $1,000

• Handyman can only perform “casual, minor and inconsequential” work

• A handyman cannot advertise!!

Here are some of the details:
Casual, minor and inconsequential: This may not include any work where a structural element is involved, a permit is required, or window or doors are replaced. (This is not a complete list of prohibited activities.)

Soliciting work: This includes advertising, flyers, business cards, signs, or hanging around a home improvement store & asking people if they need a contractor or handyman. Basically, the only practical way they can obtain work is word of mouth & referrals!!

The under $1,000 limit: This includes all written or oral agreements. As an example, the handyman agrees to build a shed for $800 & then the property owner says he wants more work done. The additional work will cost $300. The handyman has now become an unlicensed contractor & is subject to civil penalty since the total of the contracts exceeds the $1,000 limit..

So there is some helpful info. Before hiring someone go here & check on their CCB #