Stretching, repair, pet & water damage

power stretcherWith carpet repairs, we power stretch all areas. We do all kinds of carpet repairs. Even if you think it can’t be fixed, more often than not, we can fix it!

We re-seam carpet, repair tears, burn marks, bleach spots, red dye problems, dog & cat scratching damages, repair bars at the thresholds of carpet & hard surface transitions.

Send a picture to us at our email & we will take a look & see if it’s fixable– . Many times a good restretch & deep cleaning is all you need!

We deliver quality work. Call & discuss your needs today!

We can help you through the flooring purchase process as well.

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Importance of Re-stretching and Power Stretching –

All carpet manufacturers & the Carpet & Rug Institute ( CRI ) recommend that new carpets, at time of installation, are to be powered stretched. Improper carpet installation (ie: knee kicker only) will make your warranty null and void. This is a huge & ongoing problem in the flooring industry.

Over time your carpeting may have developed waves, ripples, lumps & bumps. This problem can be due to a number of issues. The lack of power stretching, too much furniture in the room &/or too heavy furniture, delaminated backing, inferior pad, age of carpet, manufacturing flaw in the carpet itself.  You don’t always need new wall to wall carpets, you can save money by having your carpets re-stretched & cleaned. Re-stretching takes up the slack in your carpets & can restore them to their original tension.

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Did you know in a house that looks clean & tidy, you can still have dry rot in the under-layment under the vinyl or carpet?? Because you the homeowner doesn’t look under these materials.

You can get water under the vinyl in a tiny crack in the sealant in a bathroom, years later – a rotten floor. Water spray from rain & such in the slider door area, a rotten floor.

Cats & other pets are sneaky, sorry folks they are, try 5, 10, 15 years of pee in the same corner, you smell something once in awhile but mostly you are used to it.

You never have a guy like me use a moisture meter & just check the carpet & vinyl. This meter can electronically pick up even dry urine under the carpet & pad. So even though you take care of your home, some maintenance just isn’t getting done. This will cost money down the road!

Do you hose off your front porch sometimes? Why? Dirt, pollen, leaves, grease, dog poo, grass clippings. Even if you can’t see all this stuff, you feel better because you washed it off. It would be even cleaner if you scrubbed the porch like you do your vehicle, with soap & water.

Can you do this to your carpet? No. Can we? YES!

Would you wear a shirt that was balled up in the corner of your closet for years? No you would wash it. Check for moth holes, tears, etc…

Can you do this to your carpet? A little.
Can we do this better? YES!!

Let us save you some trouble. Let us do a health check on it. THEN do some cleaning, repair, stretch, replace, etc…. Call us today.

Don’t let friends say eewww or phewww when they come to visit at your house. Let’s clean it up!